Elderberry Syrup You Can Count On

Our Syrup is not only delicious and potent, its fresh and effective.

6 Powerful Yet Simple Ingredients

1. Organic Elderberries 

2. Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 

3. Organic Ginger

4. Organic Cloves

5. Organic Clover Honey

6. Organic Manuka Honey

Native Armor guarantees quality at every step of the process. From fresh organic elderberries down to the protective amber glass, we ensure a potent, perfectly brewed and bottled batch of elderberry syrup. Our original blend is swirled with powerful organic Manuka Honey to deliver effective immune support from stem to spoon.


Native Armor Elderberry is the most delicious and effective syrup we've ever used. My children went from weekly sick visits to an entire school year with no serious illness. I am so thankful for this product!

Ashley L


We will never go a day without taking this elderberry syrup. It is so good for my whole family's health.

Maribel S.