The Most Bioavailable Elderberry Syrup on the Planet

Freshly Brewed In Small Batches for the Most Potent Antioxidant Activity

7 Powerful Yet Simple Ingredients

1. Organic Elderberries 

2. Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 

3. Organic Ginger

4. Organic Cloves

5. Organic Clover Honey

6. Organic Manuka Honey

7. Organic Lemon Juice

Native Armor guarantees quality at every step of the process. From fresh organic elderberries down to the protective amber glass, we ensure a potent, perfectly brewed and bottled batch of elderberry syrup. Our original blend is swirled with powerful organic Manuka Honey to deliver effective immune support from stem to spoon.

Original Eldberry Syrup +Manuka Review

I am so grateful for this product. My medical history, especially growing up, was very bad. I feel like I lived on antibiotics. This product means so much to me and my family and changing the trajectory of daughter’s health to not follow my footsteps. ❤️

Vickie S

DIY Kit Review

I love that they're just the right size to make enough for my family and not have a ton leftover! We are on a monthly subscription and it always arrives just on time for a fresh new batch! I love this kit and native armor elderberries!

Natalie S.

Get Well Soon Review

After traveling a few years ago, I had a huge headache and felt like I was coming down with a cold. I took a tablespoon of this product and a short nap. After waking, the headache was gone and what I was coming down with, was gone too! From that point on I was a believer in the benefits of this amazing product. It works beautifully!