About Us

In the heart of Southeast Florida, where the sun nurtures life in its vibrant embrace, Native Armor was born—a testament to resilience, purity, and the profound healing power of nature. Founded on the principle that wellness springs from the earth’s rich bounty, we offer an elderberry syrup that’s more than just a health supplement; it’s a guardian in a bottle, a legacy of care, and a beacon of hope for families everywhere.

Crafted with Care, For Your Family’s Wellness

Behind Native Armor is a story of overcoming, a narrative deeply rooted in the experiences of our founder, who spent their childhood navigating the challenges of the foster care system. Emerging from a past filled with trials, they were guided by a vision of creating a brighter future not only for themselves but for children facing similar adversities. This vision is the heartbeat of Native Armor, driving us to craft a product that embodies care, protection, and the power of giving back.

Crafted with Care, For Your Family’s Wellness

We believe in the incredible potency of elderberry, an ancient herb known for its immune-boosting properties. But it’s not just about what we make; it’s about how we make it. Our elderberry syrup is a labor of love, brewed in small batches to ensure the highest potency and efficacy. Sourced from the fertile soils of the Ukraine, our organic elderberries are combined with New Zealand’s medicinal manuka honey, and enriched with a blend of Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, and ginger—each ingredient chosen for its health-enhancing properties and contribution to our syrup’s delightful taste.

A Delicious Elixir for the Whole Family

Native Armor is committed to offering a wellness product that doesn’t compromise on flavor. We understand the challenge parents face in finding supplements that children willingly take. That’s why we’ve perfected our recipe to taste like Christmas, ensuring it’s a treat your kids will look forward to, transforming daily health routines into moments of joy.

Beyond a Bottle: A Mission to Nourish and Protect

Our dedication goes beyond providing an exceptional product. Native Armor is intertwined with a mission to support foster children, partnering with 4 Kids, a non-profit organization that mirrors our founder’s vision of a world where every child feels loved and safe. With every purchase, you’re not just bolstering your family’s health; you’re contributing to a circle of care, extending hope and support to foster children.

Join Us on This Journey

Native Armor invites you to be part of a story where every bottle carries the essence of nature’s best, crafted with intention and care. It’s not just about staying healthy; it’s about nurturing a sense of community, sharing in a vision of a better world, and bringing a taste of joy and wellness into your home. Together, we can protect our loved ones and offer a helping hand to those in need.


Welcome to the Native Armor family—where every sip is a step towards wellness, and every purchase is a pledge of support for children who dream of a brighter future.